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Truths the anti-vaxxers won't tell you.

Putting the 'win' in Darwin
Putting the 'win' in Darwin
Seth Ness

Recent outbreaks in the city of measles - a once unthinkably prevalent disease due to broad vaccination efforts, - coincides with similar outbreaks of mumps at Ohio State University. The fact that both maladies would be easily prevented by the very same vaccine does not go unnoticed by public health officials. The MMR (measles, mumps, and rubella vaccine) is specifically designed to carry life sustaining immunity to the recipient. Herd immunity: when the number of individuals resistant to a particular infection far outweighs and in turn protects those without immunity is now quite effectively disrupted. How so many are now suffering the myriad deleterious effects of such life threatening, previously eradicated infections bares out that most basic of evolutionary biology principles: survival of a species is dependent on the best adapted of the herd (not, as it is normally improperly quoted, the strongest.)

It is difficult for us in our technologically overloaded, ephemera chasing, future perfect tense society to conceptualize our present existence as a 'herd', but at its root level, we are more herd in our current state than we ever have been. You can call it 'affinity grouping' or 'specialization' or even 'distributed networking' if you like, but the fact of the matter is; unless you're residing in a location so absolutely remote as to be entirely inaccessible even via rare species of camellid or incommunicable by carrier pigeon (or raven, or peregrine falcon if you like,) you are connected to the larger global social architecture.

Sorry about your luck.

Perhaps you are not connected in entirely the same manner as those of us vying for a spot in the relentless, rushing, multicultural stream of twenty first century life in any urb (or ex-urb for that matter), but you are connected. As such, you are tasked not only with the intrinsically difficult assignment of cobbling together a solidly defined individuality, but also the significant responsibility of cooperating with that which benefits our future survivability as the dominating species on this planet.

The page at the jump holds a collection of scientific papers that disprove the anti-vaxxer argument soundly and without compunction. As they are ever-so-slightly technical, and contain a basis of information that requires specialized training and knowledge, it is likely advisable that you bring them to the attention of your physician or someone with like knowledge and the capacity to interpret them should you require it. After that, and a large scale public information campaign, this argument should die an unsavory, and very embarassing death. Simultaneously, it should be noted and forthwith required that in our über-connected, overtly technoized daily grind, the concepts of heuristics and communications should be included as a basic study before new generations are even afforded the capability of accessing a web enabled device. Additionally, it should be noted that non-medical personnel, and non-expert commentators on daily shows are not to be taken as prophetic saviors on any topic. Consider your sources, always.

To sum up: vaccines do not cause autism, never have, and that is the definitive answer. However, refusing to vaccinate successive generations unsafely exposes youth and the surrounding population to debilitating and often fatal diseases whose occurrence we had previously eradicated from our experience. This is Darwinism at its most essential level: those most appropriately adapted to survive environmental stressors shall. Those individuals who are not shall perish, as that is the law of nature. There is no valor, nor righteousness inherent in purposefully limiting a child's life by refusing to have them vaccinated. Imposing such epidemiological mayhem on our youth is expressly the result of furiously unintelligent design. Disease cares not about gender, expression of sexuality, ethnicity, language, or economic status. To quote: an ounce of prevention equals a pound of cure.

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