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Truth Trumps Fiction as Witch turns out just to be the Daughter of a Clown

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Sometimes this stuff writes itself...

“Who told you I was Bozo?” he wanted to know.

“Your son,” I said, at which point he confirmed that yes, he was Bozo, but not an official, full-time certified Bozo, more of a part-time Bozo.

“To be an official Bozo, you had to go to a special school in Texas,” explained Mr. O’Donnell. He never did. Instead, he was asked to fill-in for the official Bozos whenever they would have to travel out of the Philadelphia area for acting gigs.

“They would leave, I would come in and work for two or three weeks, whatever, until the regular Bozo came back,” Mr. O’Donnell said. “I was the fill-in Bozo.” He worked out of a local station in Jenkintown, Pa., he said, adding that station employees did his make-up and hair. He would also do remote appearances, got to supermarkets, meet kids, sign autographs and ride around in the Bozo Mobile. His son Daniel was his assistant.

His daughter is you, or so her ads claim. The rest of us know her as that virgin currently hoping to lead the U.S. Senate in protecting the world from a Chinese-funded plot by Pinky and his dastardly cohort, The Brain to, I believe, take over the world.

The fact that she is the daughter of a clown is almost too funny to actually believe. To think that someone who's been unemployed for 6 years (a full Senate term, so she can at least stick with something that long) and has falsely claimed all sorts of things is an actual nominee for the U.S. Senate is so funny it's almost sad.

I do have to commend the Tea Party for one thing, they've managed to nominate what look to be some of the most epic failures in U.S. political history. And just think of the LULZ if one of these folks actually takes office. November is going to be a lot of fun.




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