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Truth is missing not Flight 370

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Someone knows exactly where Flight 370 was at the time of its disappearance.

Radar can not be avoided except at very low altitudes which big jet airliners are not agile enough to maintain. If radar had been avoidable the United States wouldn’t have needed to spend 60 billion on developing stealth technology then many more billions building stealth planes. And for the sake of argument even if the Flight 370 had attempted to fly down close to the deck that descent would be record on a server somewhere. Everything electronic and connected to some type of network even radar networks is on a hard drive in some server somewhere.

They not only have a record of Flight 370’s last recorded location they have all the accompanying data such as altitude and speed up until the very millisecond it disappeared from radar. Sudden disappearance from radar can be achieved by sudden descent to the earths surface as in exploding into pieces. If Flight 370 had flown down into the ground or water that would be recorded on a server.

There are many sites we can go to track flights like;, and to name just a few. With real time data like these sites which Flight 370 was on up until it supposedly vanished how can the media come up with a story like the plane is missing and they don’t even have a clue? They have reported countless theories of what happened only to supersede them with more worthless brain washing. Someone knows exactly where Flight 370 was when it disappeared and the cover up is in full motion. Put this one in the Benghazi file where we the people will never be told the truth.

We the people historically never learn the truth in case of assignation as in JFK, MLK, RFK and most like Benghazi. With that said the question of was there anyone important enough to be eliminated because of what they know that jeopardizes someone’s lust for power and wealth? Was the plane blown up or shot down with malice?

If it had been blown up or stolen by a terrorist group the guilty or want to be guilty would be claiming responsibility and using this for their recruiting purposes. It is possible it was blown up by a terrorist but just not too likely based on the unfolding facts of which there are very few outside of nothing media has presented adds ups.

What the real shame here is the families of the passengers’ are not being served justice as to what happened to their love ones. It appears their loved one are collateral damage of the actions of some government powerful enough to create cover ups of the Benghazi magnitude.

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