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The life of a Contractor is ever changing whether it be a Doctors Tenant improvement which I am at today or a Residential remodel. The puzzle pieces all need to come together the same way. One piece perfectly fitting into another to form a perfect picture upon completion.

The whole process is about problem solving because there are always problems that come up. Some larger than others.

What I have learned over the years and want to share is that construction is the same as life just on an accelerated basis.

Some days things just flow, while other days the unexpected happens. In this mix the client adds the impact through their mind set and of course their attitudes about handling the situation.

If the premise exists that we are doing construction and not a heart transplant or discovering a new planet than construction really just breaks down to time and money.

When the extras start adding up and the time for completion slows down, most clients do not take kindly to these delays and additions.

Most people I believe are reasonable, but you do get the impossible sometimes. Isn't that life?

My thoughts are geared more towards gratitude knowing that you have the money for construction seems so much better than the alternative.

Instead of looking at the process as a chore, let's look at it as a journey.

Keep Our Environment Clean.


Eileen Gould


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