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Truth & Consequences

Photo by Gabriel Olsen/Getty Images

My friend Kim's 17 year old daughter Morgan is a handful. She's a chronic liar. Morgan has been thrown out of camp for stealing clothing from her bunkmates, which she claims she had "just borrowed". She has been suspended from school for smoking in the bathroom. She was banned from Facebook for her insensitive, profane and vile comments about her peers. Morgan ignores her curfew, curses at her parents, and does what she pleases with no consequences. Kim and her husband overindulge Morgan, and negate, defend and ignore her selfish, irresponsible, insidious and often dangerous behavior. Kim offers the inane explanation that Morgan will "grow out of it." I think things will get worse due to Kim's parenting which lacks any consequences.

Morgan drives a new BMW, will be attending a private college (despite her ever-diminishing high school grades), and dresses in designer clothing. Her lavish lifestyle is funded fully by her doting parents.

Last week Morgan was "shopping" at Tiffany's in The Americana. She proceeded to exit the store wearing a bracelet which hadn't been paid for. She was detained by security, and her parents were contacted. At the the store they rationalized that Morgan had her credit card, and could have easily purchased the item. She had "apparently just forgotten" to pay. Her parents then purchased the item for her, apologized and left the store with Morgan.

Without consequences, Morgan has no reason to change her impetuous, incorrigible antics. I just hope it's not too late for her to change her detrimental behavior... and that's the truth!