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Truth and teen pregnancies come to the great Out North

When talking to teens about premarital sex and babies, it is often hard to get past the hormones. People in the throes of the embrace of love or lust make stupid mistakes. It is OK to make mistakes that you and you alone must deal, but when you make a baby, you bring in more people. Parents to the parents are often depended upon to make life easier for the new parents and their grandchild, doctors are petitioned and paid for with government and taxpayer funded medical benefits, they often need to apply to welfare agencies, and child care help is often sought out. The new parents often start out life with their new baby in circumstances different from what they had become accustomed to while growing up only a few short months ago and they learn to juggle whatever income they have, new freedoms that come with responsibilities that they never considered, and landlords.

Seen over at the blog, What Do I Know, tonight, the 29th of January 2011, there is a free movie on DeBarr Road at Out North Theater. This movie is a documentary made by teen moms about their lives. The Anchorage Family Examiner is not here to judge B. Palin, but recent articles about her suggest that her gig on Dancing with the Stars and her purchase of a five bedroom house in The Grand Canyon State (Arizona) are not typical situations of teen pregnancies on a national level. Out North’s film is about twelve local parents who have worked with film production professionals to give short documentaries about their lives. This family friendly evening is free and families are welcome.


  • Anonymous 4 years ago

    Wish I could see that film Kellie, but I'm down here in WA State. Glad to see you writing again. This is a topic near and dear to my heart.

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