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Truth in advertising

If they could only be honest with each other...
If they could only be honest with each other...

Dating in the cyber-world can be a tricky thing. The idea is to sell yourself and to make others want to get to know you. You want to get your message out to prospective suitors, but you don’t want to tell them too much right off the bat. On the flip side, say too little and you get passed over like a fruitcake in December. How does one go about this business of online dating? Three simple words: Truth in advertising.

Honesty is the best policy in life and it is absolutely essential when it comes to online dating. Everyone is unique and has qualities (good or bad) that make you different from anyone else on the planet. Sure there are many shared characteristics, but no one else has your exact combination of flaws, quirks and good points. Why then do people try and pretend to be someone that they’re not? The point of online dating is two-fold—to find someone to make you happy and to make the other person happy.

Too often people focus on the former while completely ignoring the latter. Why not post current pictures so people can see what you really look like? Why not put down your real likes and dislikes instead of what you think others want to see? The whole point of a profile is to sell yourself and how can you do that if the profile doesn’t accurately reflect who YOU are?

You don’t have to divulge deep, dark secrets online, but don’t say you’re a huge football fan if you hate sports. If you enjoy sitting on the couch, say so. Don’t hook someone with the “I love being outdoors all the time” line. You will never find “the one” if the real you is not in your profile!