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Truth about Chia seeds

Chia seeds are promoted as an appetite suppressant and weight-loss supplement in health stores and online. The idea is that Chia seeds expand in your stomach, making you feel full ,thus losing pounds. However, new research suggest that Chia seeds have no relation to weight loss.

Dr. David Nieman says, "Our study showed no reduction in body weight, body fat and no improvement in traditional cardiovascular markers from 50 grams of Chia per day.” His study tested participants over a twelve week period. Dr. Nieman is the director of the ASU Human Performance Laboratory and vice president of the American College of Sports Medicine.

However, there are some benefits to Chia seeds.They contain Omega-3 fatty acids, proteins, carbohydrates, calcium, fiber and antioxidants making them an energy booster. One ounce has four grams of protein and eleven grams of fiber. They are easily absorbed by the body and are an unprocessed whole grain.

Typically, the seeds are sprinkled onto yogurts and cereals. They can also be added to water and teas where they will become a gel.

Natural Grocers in Temple (3261 South General Bruce Drive) sells a Kombucha Tea containing Chia seeds. It is highly recommended.

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