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Trusting your intution to save lives, Aries Ingress, rise of teenage terrorists

MIAMI, FL - JANUARY 26: City of Miami police officers Angiee Fermin (L) and Michaelle Bell process an AK-47 that was turned in during a gun buy back event on January 26, 2013 in Miami, Florida. The event was the second one of the year in efforts to reduce
MIAMI, FL - JANUARY 26: City of Miami police officers Angiee Fermin (L) and Michaelle Bell process an AK-47 that was turned in during a gun buy back event on January 26, 2013 in Miami, Florida. The event was the second one of the year in efforts to reduce
Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images

Chelsie Schellhas was standing at the sink of her home in Wacesa on Tuesday night when out of the window she noticed a tall young man slip into the storage facility next door.

'He shut the door and normally we see people come here and it doesn’t take them 10 minutes to open a storage shed, so I called it in,' Schellhas told CNN.

And she was right - once police arrived, they discovered the unit was being used to make an arsenal of explosive devices, which would eventually lead them to a cache of seven guns and six bombs, along with the materials to make more.

John David LaDue, 17, an honors student who had friends and was not bullied was planning a horrific attack against his family, school authorities and other students at school. He wanted to kill as many students as possible.

This is just one of two attacks thwarted recently by people. The last major school massacre which was caught at the last minute was in Texas.

A 17-year-old boy who had hidden a loaded AK-47 assault rifle in a bathroom at his San Antonio school and two loaded handguns in his backpack intended to “commit a violent act,” a school official said, but the plan was foiled Monday when his parents noticed the weapons were missing from their home and alerted school administrators. The unidentified boy, a sophomore, was taken into custody after he was found at Madison High School with handguns and ammunition stuffed into his backpack. He admitted to hiding the AK-47 in a trash can in the bathroom, said Aubrey Chancellor, a North East Independent School District spokeswoman. He also had a 12-inch knife, she said. No injuries or gunshots were reported in the school, which has 3,200 students. Ms. Chancellor said the boy had said he intended to make a series of demands during morning announcements. He had vowed to use the weapons, she said, if those demands were not met.

These attempted attacks occurred on the heels of a knife assault carried out in Pennsylvania High School on April 9, 2014 by 16 year old, Alex Hribal.

Just after dawn, police said, sophomore Alex Hribal went on a rampage through a wing of the Murrysville school in a scene straight from a horror movie, slashing and stabbing 21 students and a security guard with two 8-inch knives.

What is prompting this idealization and carrying out of mass murder by young people is up for speculation. In some cases parents provided guns for hunting, giving the Minnesota teen a taste for killing. Some may say violent video games which are more realistic than ever, while others could blame the internet for early exposure to the less savory trolls and anonymous abuse that is so pervasive online.

One indication of dangers to and by children or young people was shown astrologically by the Aries Ingress chart that I wrote about last month.

The ingress chart gives an overview of what to expect in the coming year. In that chart the fifth house was afflicted with the ruler of the first (general public) in the fifth house of young people being a fallen Moon in intense Scorpio (sign of death) which was closely approaching a conjunction with Saturn in Scorpio traditional ruler of death and the "bearers of dead corpses" according to famed astrologer William Lilly.

Another ramification of Scorpio is secret attacks. All of these planned and executed recent attacks seemed to come out of nowhere. They were good students with no known behavioral problems. None of them were 'on the radar' for causing trouble by authorities. They came from good homes, were well taken care of but for some reason felt compelled to destroy the lives of everyone around them.

Moon conjunct Saturn in the Aries Ingress points to extreme depression for young people. The pressures of college perhaps being more stringent then ever with national testing and being pushed to perform in a depressive economy. Jobs are not as easy to find and pay is dismal. The recent real estate collapse could also have contributed somehow (fifth is 2nd from the fourth house of real estate.)

Saturn is in mutual reception with Mars by exaltation/rulership and Mars is intercepted in the fourth house of country, land, and domestic affairs. Mars is in detriment in Libra as well. All of this indicates a hidden or not obvious reason for these attacks. It may also concern terrorism or terrorists working within the country.

The fears that have been plaguing society with those who want to attack innocent people for religious, political or other reasons has been an issue since the 1999 with the Columbine attack that the Minnesota teen seemed to have idealized.

Many more major attacks upon groups of people have occurred since then. The teenagers who have recently attacked were born in 1997-8 being 16-17 years old. Many of this age group have Pluto in Sagittarius. This is a group that wants to transform the world in some way.

"Pluto is usually said to signify major changeor developments, often through destruction and eventual rebirth. Sagittarius is associated with religion, philosophy, the law, education, publishing,politics, faith, idealism, and travel."

When Pluto entered Sagittarius in 1995 we saw the Catholic Church have child molestation scandals and the rise of international terrorism.

Also in 1997-8 an unfortunate planetary placement was Saturn fallen in Aries. This shows the potential of plan (Saturn) acts of violence (Aries.) These young people didn't just wake up one day in a bad mood or experience a single event that set them off. They planned their attacks for a long time (Saturn in Aries.) The Minnesota teen had kept a diary from June 2013, showing that he was planning a series of events, killing his family, setting a fire to distract emergency workers, killing a particular teacher, murdering as many students as possible, until finally being gunned down by a swat team.

There is a reason Saturn is fallen in Aries. Saturn shows how we go about scheduling our lives in order to reach a future goal. People with strong Saturn's want to climb the social ladder and reach and prominent position to serve society and obey/enforce tradition and rules. Saturn signifies older people, authority, and building solid foundations/structures.

Aries is the opposite energy, it is about acting now, fighting for life, and being competitive. When Saturn is in Aries, the person doesn't think through all of effects that their plans will have on everyone around them. Aries can be a selfish, self-oriented sign. Saturn in Aries causes some to strategize and execute selfish agendas against authority.

Sakoian and Acker in their book, "The Astrologers Handbook" describes Saturn in Aries:

"Aries represents the initial impulse of action, while Saturn represents the law of cause and effect that brings back the consequences of an action. . . Thus it is difficult for people with this position to see themselves as others see them; they are initiating a new cycle of experience, and so they have not had time to learn the consequences of their actions. They may, therefore, lack awareness of the principles of social justice and the rights of others."

Used positively, people with Saturn in Aries can create new businesses or plans that benefit military, working with iron, dealing with fire safety and other forms of mechanical or emergency structures. They can be self-centered in their ambitions and should try their best to improve their diplomatic skills as they work towards their goals.

Because they may have trouble realizing how others see them, it might help to have group exercises with a positive, supportive group, and have everyone write down the some positive things that they notice in each person. This can be an awakening as most people are unaware of how they are seen by others to a greater or lesser degree and this might be a significant issue for today's 16-17 year olds (or anyone) with Saturn in Aries.

Back to the Aries Ingress chart, we are in the Spring of 2014 and may have more violence to and by young people to watch out for. On top of everything else, it has been reported that MERS-CoV, a deadly respiratory illness has been spreading around the world as I wrote about in my last article

Jupiter-Saturn Conjunction & Plagues: Black Death, SARS, AIDS & MERS-CoV
This illness is one that kills about one-third of it's victims and it have been alarming medical authorities because it even kills young, healthy people as well as those with other health problems. We may hear more about this new respiratory ailment at the end of 2014.

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