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Trusting in the Lord: Work options not etched in marble or engraved in stone

One determined woman
Kim A. Taylor

Blessings came from odd sources and strange places. One thing known about state run agencies was that they weren’t always looking out for the clients or there needs. At least that was my attitude until my last appointment on April 4 to put me on DARS/VRC’s rosters. Who knew what God had in store for me?

Proverbs 3: 5 said:

5 Trust in the Lord with all your heart
and lean not on your own understanding; (NIV)

By doing this, it made getting referrals to other opportunities easier. By dangling it was easier for higher ups to have given me the axe and missing the opportunities like Work Services Corporation and their opening of the Document Center due to open in mid-May.

My responsibilities to DARS/VRC were but not limited to:

  1. My updating my counselor once every 60 days about job leads
  2. Checking income limits with Social Security Survivor Benefits
  3. Letting him know about community jobs

By doing these three things, it let him know of my activity. He told me during my April 4 appointment that most of the work at home positions were along the line of customer service in which working 20 hours a week was the norm. Because of what was said about the Work Services position, this could have possibly opened up a new avenue for me in that my objective could have been changed in two ways:

  1. By working in the community, VRC was able to purchase an electric wheelchair for use on the city bus. They told me they never had to use Medicare. Getting the chair from the church or my pastor meant that it wasn’t under warranty so if it broke down repair costs came out of my pocket.
  2. By working from home, a new computer was purchased after surveying my work station NTI told me my laptop and desk top were old and too slow. They told me not to purchase any electronic equipment. Since the deadline of March 19, 2014 was past, there would have to be a reapplication to the job site.

My uncle in Palm Coast, Florida suggested trying Civil Service. Way back in the 1950’s, he was working in a factory. He turned in an application two months before getting hurt and being laid off because of the injury. He ended up with the new job with Civil Service. My friend at church recommended Wichita County Human Resources and talking to those in the Sunday School Department.

Psalm 115: 9 said:

9 All you Israelites, trust in the Lord—
he is their help and shield. (NIV)

There was even a bigger blessing. Because of all these resources and my prior knowledge about employment procedures, there was no need of my VR Counselor having to provide other services because there were already a resume and cover letter drafted by me. There was no need of a class on resume writing or a how-to on interview questions. He said there were mandatory training sessions and purchase of equipment, but only if the position were offered.

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