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Trusting Faith or Trusting Science

What's the difference between faith and science? Does God have a problem with us relying more on science than on faith? Which one should we rely on the most?

These are questions that have been asked and pondered over for a long time. Many see faith and science at odds with each other. Others see the two complimenting each other and verifying the need for co-existence.

For some it is easier to rely upon science and it's achievements than to rely upon faith in God for an answer. For others it is easier to rely upon faith in the Lord than to trust the accomplishments of science to solve a problem.

What does faith and science require from us in order to receive answers? Well to put it simply both require trust. It doesn't really matter how factual scientific evidence might be, a person still has to trust in that evidence. Individuals still have to trust that the same results will happen over and over again with the same scientific methods, theories and facts that have happened to others.

However there's always variables that can creep in and always a measure of uncertainity that things might be different even though the methods, theories and facts might seem the same. It still boils down to trust.

With faith we don't necessarily have the evidence, the methods or the facts to base our trust on. Most of the time all we have in faith is our knowledge and our love for the Lord. People may not know the facts, the methods or the evidence but they know the Lord and believe in His abilities.

Faith requires simple trust. Science requires evidence to achieve that trust. Faith requires trust in God while science requires a trust in the abilities of man. Faith requires a belief in God's Word while science requires a belief in scientific methods, procedures and analysis.

Faith doesn't always require a full understanding to trust in the Lord but science requires knowledge and comprehension to know and understand the results. Where is your trust today? Is it in faith or in science?

Why not rely upon both? There will be times when God directs us to science and it's accomplishments to obtain our healings or certain answers that we are looking for. Sometimes our healings come through medicines that science has created. Other times our healings come through simple faith and miracles without the use of medicines or the accomplishments of science.

God is the author of faith and is also the author of science. Why wouldn't He be since He supplies both? He created man to be a spiritual being in using faith and He created the earth for scientific achievements in helping man. Use them both wisely but use them under the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

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