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Trust yourself - you know it all


Photo courtesy of Kym McLeodWhether it’s a gut feeling, intuition, voices in your head or you just “know”, when you trust yourself you are guided by the ultimate wisdom that you have access to within you. The more in touch you are with your intuition, the easier it is to hear it and trust it to follow through.

Conrad Hilton, the founder of the Hilton Hotels Corporation, followed his intuition in purchasing the Stevens Corporation at auction. The auction was based on sealed bids, and Conrad initially sent in a bid of $165,000. When he woke the next day, the number $180,000 was loud inside his head and so he changed his bid. He ended up with the highest bid by $200, earning his company $2 million in profit.

Everyone has access to these inner knowledge resources. Your unconscious mind is a massive database of information, including storage of memories as well as access to your higher mind and the connectedness between all people. The key to tapping into all this potential is through quieting your conscious mind.

Your conscious mind acts as a filter for everything that goes through it. Since you can only handle focusing on 5 to 9 pieces of information at any time, most of the information is absorbed at your unconscious level. Therefore, your intuition is listening to your unconscious mind for advice and direction. By letting down your guard of your conscious filters, you can gain access to your unconscious.

Many find that meditation helps to quiet the every busy conscious mind. For some, it occurs naturally when they are in states of relaxation, such as in the shower, driving, taking a walk, or right before or after sleep. Others have a strong rapport with their unconscious and can hold internal dialogue to ask it direct questions and obtain answers directly in their mind. Another method is to make use of a pendulum and ask questions with yes-no-maybe answers and use the direction of the pendulum to obtain the answer.

When you are able to hear answers, it is important for you to take action. If that means getting up and driving to the city at 3am, then you need to do it. The more you show trust in your unconscious by following through with action, the better the relationship you will have with your unconscious to continue to communicate more advice and knowledge.

When following through on your intuition, expand your awareness all around you to pick up on any opportunities that present themselves. This is when you use a heightened form of awareness with an expected outcome of something positive. The nice thing about following through on your intuition is that you know something good is to come out of it, so you are expecting and opening yourself to the opportunity.


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