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Trust in the Lord your God

Trust God
Trust God

One simple word that can be very difficult to accomplish is the word trust. This may seem like an easy concept but in reality, trusting is a very challenging thing. Living in a world with dishonesty, treachery and betrayal makes trust hard to build. The failure is that people are not perfect and can be misleading, selfish and unreliable which is an unfortunate part of the human behavior. However, trust doesn't have to be so complicated when it is in the right place.

“I trust in you, O LORD: You are my God.” Psalms 31:14

Our confidence needs to be placed in God. Time and time again He shows us that He is a God that we can rely on and place our trust in. No matter what the circumstance, He always remains true. He never falters, is steadfast and always loves. Our God wants us to place our trust in Him because He is faithful. He shows up when we call on Him, when we surrender and depend on Him.

It is important to trust those you care about also, but remember that we all make mistakes and eventually trust might be broken and in need of rebuilding. The amazing part is that because we have our trust placed in God, He helps us to restore our trust in others; to build bridges that were once burnt if we allow Him to work in our lives. Trusting doesn't come easy but it is something that takes time to build.

If you haven’t placed your trust in God, now is the time. Start with something small and simple and build up from there. Allow Him to change your heart so that you can help others to see how great a God He really is when we place our trust in Him.