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Trust no one: It’s ‘Tell a Lie Day’

Tell a Lie Day
Tell a Lie Day
Sandra Perez

Not that we’re encouraging lying, but today, Friday, April 4, is Tell a Lie Day. There’s not much known about this odd holiday, no source or creator has come forward. Whatever the reason for this holiday is, it comes just in time for people who are still in the April Fools joking mood.

If you missed your chance to pull some pranks, take advantage of Tell a Lie Day. Remember to always keep the lies small and comical though. You don’t have to lie to celebrate this holiday, here are other things you can do:

Learn how to catch someone in a lie by learning how to read the signs and body language. Click here to learn more.

Educate yourself in a little bit of history. Go here to learn about the 10 biggest lies told in history, including the whole Princess Anastasia debacle.

Play the game called two truths and a lie with a friend, here’s how.

Read here about 16 people who might have taken this holiday a little too seriously, they are the world’s biggest liars.

Don’t forget to help spread the word about this holiday! Also, make sure you get all of the lying out of your system on Tell a Lie Day, because coming up soon is National Honesty Day.

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