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Doctor & Clara
Doctor & Clara

It’s August so get ready for the school year, and the drastic change in traffic patterns. Unless you’re traveling in a Tardis. Yes, a Tardis! The 23 of this month, the world famous and long-airing Television Show Doctor Who will be premiering with a new face for the Doctor and adjustments for the fan adored character and companion, Clara Oswald. To get ready for this season BBC gave fans an opportunity to see the first episode early on a red carpet screening, along-side Peter Capaldi, the Twelfth Doctor and Jenna Coleman, portrayed as his beautiful companion Clara.

Peter Capaldi, Jenna Coleman

Doctor Who is a show of adventure, science, imagination, love, politics, and everything one could ask for in a show. The show’s main writer, Steven Moffat, before writing the show used to watch the show as a child. He is also the main writer for another world famous show produced by BBC studios called “Sherlock.” The show has been airing since 1963, following the escapades of the Doctor, a loving but lonely Time Lord (Alien species with the ability to travel through time). The Doctor saves the world and fights evil every day. He has the basic makings of any super hero except he does it all with only a human companion and a sonic screwdriver.

This season will be the first time we see Peter Capaldi as the Doctor, but fans saw the signs when they watched World War Z. In the movie, World War Z, Capaldi was listed as the W.H.O. Doctor. Any fans of the show would have recognized him from his previous appearances on Doctor Who. But there are a few things you need to do before the 23 hits to prepare for the Season Premiere of the first episode, “Deep Breath.”

1. If you haven’t already, watch all the episodes starting from 2005 until now.
2. Fan Girl on your Tumblr page
3. Take a Doctor Who personality quiz
4. Read a little Fan Fiction
5. Do a little Fan Art
6. Get your friends together with all your Whovian Merchandise
7. Then watch the new episode on a big screen

Hope you’re ready for the most important part of this August, right before school! Get your TV’s ready and your minds set and your imagination running wild! Because the Doctor is coming.

Links for personality quizzes below:

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