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Trussville proposes a pit bull breed ban

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Breed Specific Legislation, or BSL, is ignorant. Blaming an entire breed of dog for the mistakes of a few is like blaming an entire auto maker for someone texting while driving and causing a car crash. It's illogical, unenforceable, and does not work.

The City of Trussville in Alabama is considering a ban on pit bulls simply due to an incident last month in which a child was trespassing on a dog's property, a dog who was contained in his invisible fence, and the child was bitten. Let's stress that again, the dog was contained on his own property and the child was trespassing, the child who had no parental supervision. This incident is not the dog's fault. It is the fault of the parent who wasn't bothering to watch his child. This incident did not occur due to the breed of the dog. Many dogs of many breeds would take exception to someone trespassing on their property.

Let's blame who is really at fault. In this instance, an irresponsible parent who wasn't watching his child. In most instances, irresponsible dog owners who do nothing to train their dogs, socialize their dogs, or be certain their dogs are well behaved members of society.

The proposed ordinance would not allow for any new pitbulls to live in Trussville, though those already owning pitbulls would be grandfathered. How is that enforceable?

The proposed ordinance would also require that grandfathered pitbulls be leashed, secured, or contained in a fence. Interesting, since this dog was contained in an invisible fence, on his own property. So what would this ordinance actually do? Nothing but waste taxpayer dollars.

My letter to the mayor:

I am appalled and outraged at the proposed breed ban being considered by the city of Trussville. No dog, regardless of breed, is inherently bad or vicious. Dog owners are responsible for their dog’s behavior. In the one instance being cited as the catalyst for this consideration, the dog was in its own yard and contained while the child was trespassing and not under the supervision of a parent. The parent and the child are at fault in this situation. No new ordinance should be passed but the laws already in place, including containment laws and trespassing laws, should be enforced. Don’t make a dog pay for the fault of a human.

Contact the Mayor of Trussville at or (205) 655-7478.

Contact the City Council:

Wayne Taylor, Council President
(205) 238-1560 (cell)
(205) 655-5881 (home)

William (Buddy) L. Aydelette
(205) 601-3591 (cell)

Buddy Choat
(205) 655-7939

Anthony Montalto
(205) 655-7072

Brian Plant
(205) 327-5700 (office)
(205) 531-1796 (cell)


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