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Trumpets and thunderstorms-strange sounds rock the Hudson Valley?

Several reports of strange sounds coming out of thunderstorms have been reported around Kingston, NY in the last week.

Some of these strange sounds are said to be rather like audio northern lights
Photo by Uriel Sinai/Getty Images

Last Tuesday, on the evening of July 8, several individuals around the Mid Hudson Valley reported rather strange sounds coming from the sky. The sounds seem to be associated with the intense thunderstorms that passed through the area that evening. According to the National Weather Service, the region is unusually wet, having received an average of 5-7 inches more rain in July so far than in the norm. Some of these storms have been severe, with large hail, damaging straight line winds and a powerful, deadly tornado just outside of Syracuse.

All of this activity has kept people paying attention to the skies since many of the storms have been popping up rather suddenly. As a result, each of the following individuals was very surprised when they heard unusual sounds emanating from the sky late Tuesday evening after the latest round of storms. All of these accounts came from different locations around the Kingston/Rosendale area and were reported via Twitter or FB.

According to MJ from northern Kingston: "The storms had mostly passed and what was active seemed to be to the south of us. There was just distant thunder and some lightning. I wasn't paying that much attention at first. I'd just reopened the window to let the cooler air in. When I first heard it, the sound, I thought it was something coming from a neighbor's stereo and it annoyed me a little. Then I realized it wasn't playing like a song, so I went to the window and listened. It was coming from the sky, a little above the house and again down towards the south, but not as distant as the thunder. It sounded like someone playing these rather high pitched notes on a flute...they were definitely musical tones, not rumbling like thunder. Just long individual tones, and not in any kind of melody. They lasted for about five minutes."

An anonymous report from Bloomington reported that at about the same time as MJ's report above, "there was this very loud series of what seemed to be musical tones that came from the sky." Bloomington is south of MJ, so this person may have been closer to whatever the source of the sounds might have been. "They [the sounds] were very distinct and echoed up and down the streets. At first I thought a car was blasting really weird music out of its stereo and driving around, but then I realized the sounds were coming from the sky itself."

Finally, in Port Ewen, an individual who identified herself only as Jen, reported that she may have caught the end of this musical display on a drive home from the neighborhood Stewart's, a regional convenience store. "As I walked through the parking lot, it was about 10:20 pm or so, to get to the car, I heard these strange high pitched whistling sounds that seemed to come from above me. I thought it was some weird bird maybe flying low to escape the storm. I had my window partly down on the drive home because the air felt good, and as I drove I could hear what sounded like, I don't know, musical wailing. It seemed to be coming from no place in particular and I knew there wasn't any kind of public concert or musical performance going on. By the time I got home it was gone."

These three accounts seem to be describing the same interesting sounds, particularly since they all occurred at approximately the same time in different parts of Kingston. The phenomena could well have been related to the weather in some way, but all of them agree that the sounds were pretty strange. Unfortunately, none of them thought to record the sounds, or didn't have a device handy that they could have used.

Strange sounds have been being reported and recorded around the world in the last 4-5 years. Some of these sounds seem to come from the sky, others from underground. The sounds vary in terms of type, intensity and duration. There are hums, booms, roaring sounds like jets without the fade, musical sounds like trumpets or loud celestial flutes.

The Windsor Hum, which has been recorded by numerous individuals in and around Windsor, Canada, is an ongoing phenomenon and has been investigated by numerous government authorities.

There are as many possible explanations for these audio mysteries as the sounds themselves: electromagnetic waves emitted from aurora and bouncing off layers of atmosphere or as a result of violent weather, displaced noises traveling through bedrock from underground industrial centers, the results of government projects such as HAARP (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program), proof of secret military or extraterrestrial aircraft or angels warning that the end of the world is nigh. It's obviously possible that there may be more than one explanation.

If you've heard any strange sounds lately, or have any other interesting paranormal activity to report, you can contact the author at this FB page, Hudson Valley Paranormal Central, or via Twitter listed below.

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