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Trump vs. Emanuel over Trump sign: Furious Chicago mayor has bigger fish to fry?

The Trump sign on the Trump building in Chicago has Rahm Emanuel going head to head
The Trump sign on the Trump building in Chicago has Rahm Emanuel going head to head

Donald Trump is going head to head with Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel over the new sign on the building that Trump built in downtown Chicago. The sign says "Trump" and Emanuel calls it "architecturally tasteless." With the amount of energy spent by the mayor on wanting this sign to come down, you would think it is the cause of all Chicago's troubles.

The sign was put up after the developer jumped through all the building department hoops and it conforms to all rules and regulations, according to Today on June 13. Even though the sign can't be ordered taken down because it is within all the building codes and all the proper permits have been signed, Emanuel apparently wants his people to find some loophole to make the sign come down.

Trump said "people love it," and he isn't hearing any disparaging words about the sign except from the mayor and from the critic who appeared to have started the campaign against the sign, according to Trump. Look at the sign above and see if you can find any problems with it.

Trump claims that Blairk Kamin, the Pulitzer Prize-winning architecture critic for the Chicago Tribune started to rattle cages about the sign. Kamin said the sign as a lack of subtlety and said it is an "egotistical overstatement." Why would anyone want a sign that is subtle? Doesn't that negate the purpose for erecting a sign? You want people to know the building is there.

Trump shot back with some disparaging words about Kamin. Trump claims the critic has been gone for so long that people thought he was fired. He also claims that Kamin is trying to get back into the mainstream media and he is using this sign to gain the publicity he lacks after being out of the picture for a while.

The sign is not gaudy by any means of the imagination. It is not as if the sign twirls or has red lights dancing around on it. The sign appears to be made out of sleek stainless steel letters. The sign also seems more on the inconspicuous side rather than jumping out at you.

The name of the building is Trump, so what does the mayor expect the sign to say? Would he have been so adamant about the sign coming down if it was called something generic like the Smith Building or does he want the sign to come down because it says Trump?

Chicago is looking at as many as 30 people shot in one weekend with seven of those victims dead. These stats are from the first weekend of June, over a course of just two days. The number of wounded or dead from Chicago shootings seems to grow almost daily. Even USA Today claims "You could be forgiven for thinking that Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel has spare time on his hands."

With all this going on, should the mayor really be spending any energy on looking for loopholes to get a sign taken down? It is not that sign that will ruin tourism in Chicago, it is the headlines of all the senseless shootings. Taking the Trump sign down will still leave Chicago as one scary city, just minus a Trump sign!

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