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Trump Plaza close: Casino owners expect them to close the door

Trump Plaza
Trump Plaza
Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images

New reports are out and the Trump Plaza Casino owners are now admitting that they believe that the casino is going to close down. This is a favorite vacation spot for a lot of people and they are upset to hear the news. On Sunday, USA Today shared the news about this casino.

This casino is located in Atlantic City. If you have plans to visit, you still have time. As of right now, they are saying that it should be open until mid-September and then the doors will be closed. Monday morning the employees will get the notice that they plan to close and it is time for them to move on and find a new job.

Atlantic City has always been a great place to visit for casinos and a good time. Now The Atlantic Club closed in January and the Showboat is closing in August. If Trump Plaza Casino then closes down in September that will take away 1/3 of the casino's in this town. Revel could end up closing as well because things aren't looking good right now.

Trump Entertainment Resorts gave a statement to the AP that the managers and board of directors "have been reviewing alternatives for the property. Although this review has not been completed and no final decision has been made, the company expects that it will terminate the operations of Trump Plaza Hotel and Casino on or shortly after September 16, 2014."

Trump Plaza Casino opened back in 1984. They have tried for years to sell this casino but haven't been able to do it. Now it looks like the doors will be closing down instead. It is unknown what could end up in the building.