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Trumbull mother and daughter charged with letting dogs and puppies starve

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A report from nbc on Tuesday exposes alleged animal cruelty when a mother and daughter moved out of their Trumbull home on Main Street last October and left a mother dog and her eight puppies to starve to death.

Trumbull Police arrested Deidre Mines, 53, and her daughter Charlotte on Monday and charged each of the women with nine counts of animal cruelty.

The starving and emaciated mother dog met a utility employee at the door of the abandoned home; the employee immediately called Animal Control. When Officer Lynn Dellabianca arrived at the empty home, she also found eight starving and malnourished puppies.

Authorities initially questioned Deidre Mines about the dogs, and she told officers she thought the dogs had all died. The daughter stated she had occasionally returned to the vacant house to feed the dogs, but stopped going when she ran out of money.

The dogs were reported to have eaten anything they could to survive. Veterinarians reported finding a bead necklace, push pins and cloth.

Fortunately the dogs and puppies were nursed back to health and adopted.

The women have a court appearance in June.

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