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Truman Show TV Series in Developement

JIm Carey in The Truman Show
Paramount Pictures

Paramount Pictures' The Truman Show might be the next movie to become a TV series.

The Wrap (via Badass Digest) reports Paramount Studios' TV is developing a series based on the film, which starred Jim Carrey as Truman Burbank, the first baby to ever be adopted by a studio. Truman's life is displayed to a captive audience on a reality TV series, unaware that millions have been watching every moment of his life. The premise is a popular story line used in many works of science fiction. The film. directed by Peter Weir, is an incredible look into the nations obsession with watching others live there lives on TV and how we live vicariously through them.

This will be an interesting exercise in television storytelling. Because the movie had a definitive ending to the story arc one has to wonder will they continue Trumans story as the film left it, or will the producers try and retell the story perhaps from an earlier stage in his life. The movie touched upon moments in Trumans past but the bulk of the story was about him discovering that he was in fact not living in the worlds reality but in a reality that someone else controls.

Do you think it will work?

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