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‘True Tori’: Tori Spelling gets advice from Farrah Abraham

Tori Spelling
Tori Spelling
Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

She may not have asked for her opinion, but Farrah Abraham is giving Tori Spelling advice about her family. Azcentral reports on Friday that the former “Teen Mom” star thinks Spelling needs to move on and focus on her children. Spelling has allowed the public to see her private battle with husband Dean McDermott over his cheating, and Abraham feels she should leave him.

Abraham has decided to share her unsolicited advice with Spelling and the public during an interview. Spelling and McDermott showed the world how they dealt with his cheating by allowing cameras to follow them on “True Tori.” However, Abraham believes the reality star should have left her husband and moved past the relationship.

Spelling has been accused of using her family drama for ratings, and some fans have expressed their doubts about the cheating allegations. Nevertheless, Abraham seems to take the cheating seriously and believes it is enough for a divorce. She claims she would not be able to handle a cheating husband or forgive him.

Spelling and McDermott have not responded to Abraham and have been focusing on their daughter’s birthday party. Although she makes frequent claims about financial distress, Spelling allegedly spent more than $6,000 on the party for Stella. The event featured exclusive catering, actresses dressed as princesses, karaoke singing and spa treatments. The guests may have been small, but they enjoyed adult treats such as sushi and fondue.

Spelling has been sharing photos of her daughter’s party online with her fans, so she does not seem to care about the opinions of others. While backlash began to appear on social media to some of the first images, Spelling responded by adding even more photos and videos. Stella only turned 6, but the reality star made her party rival some of the events thrown for adults.