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‘True Tori’: Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott continue therapy

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Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott are back in therapy on the latest episode of “True Tori.” On Tuesday, the official Facebook page for Lifetime revealed that Spelling is desperately trying to keep her family together. McDermott’s cheating and focus on work have put a strain on the relationship, but Spelling is refusing to walk away from the marriage.

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During the episode titled “Another Bump in the Road,” McDermott admits he cheated on Spelling because they were not intimate before he left on a business trip. He claims he felt ignored by his wife and was worried about his own weight issues affecting his attractiveness. Spelling reacts angrily to these comments and proclaims they are all lies.

McDermott shares he enjoyed the attention he received from another woman in Canada, and Spelling states she wants to punch him. She mentions that they do not lead a boring life, but the therapy session is interrupted by McDermott declaring he does not want to talk about intimacy. The couple is having a difficult time discussing things during therapy, and it is clear the cameras are not helping.

Spelling and McDermott also argue about a haircut for the kids, and the cheating scandal is not far from their minds. McDermott states that Spelling no longer trusts him, so she is questioning all of his decisions while he feels he cannot do anything to please her. Although Spelling tries to stop the argument from escalating into a shouting match, her efforts eventually fail.

Spelling tells her husband that the children are trying to sleep, and she does not want to raise her voice to match his loud screaming. She demands he stop shouting at her, but he feels frustrated by the entire situation. The argument on “True Tori” ends in the usual tears and anger that have become common in the household.