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'True Tori' spoilers: Tori Spelling explains confronting Dean about cheating

Tori and Dean
Tori and Dean
Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott are coming to Lifetime with a new reality show "True Tori." On Thursday, ABC shared spoilers about this show and Tori reveals how she actually confronted Dean about the cheating and how she found out. It is really shocking that this is all going to air on television.

In this new clip, Tori reveals how she learned that Dean was cheating on her. She actually got a phone call from her publicist and was told that Emily Goodhand would be coming forward. She would let everyone know about the two days she spent with Dean in Toronto that was full of cheating on his wife. This story even came out during the week of Christmas.

When Tori heard the news, she went to Dean and asked him to talk outside. She asked him if this was true or not and obviously fans know at some point he admitted to it. This all happened before the cameras were rolling but they might decide to reenact it or at least they are going to talk about it on the show. The show actually just started filming three weeks ago after Dean entered rehab for a sex addiction.

On The Red Carpet revealed that Tori Spelling is saying that Dean broke her heart and she now has trouble trusting anything that happened in their relationship. He is the father of her four children and the man she planned to spend the rest of her life with until she was old and gray. Tori never thought that he would be a man who cheated on her even though they actually were both married when they started sleeping together.

Don't miss the new show "True Tori." It will start airing on April 22 on Lifetime. This is where fans will learn what really went on when Tori Spelling found out Dean McDermott was not being faithful.