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'True Tori': Did the show cause Tori Spelling to be hospitalized?

Fans were shocked when Tori Spelling announced that she would be doing a docu-series on Lifetime about the aftermath of the affair Dean McDermott had late last year. “True Tori” premiered last week and it was a gut-wrenching watch. According to an April 27 report from E! Online, Tori Spelling recently spent several days in the hospital for an undisclosed reason. Fans are speculating the hospitalization had to do with the stress Spelling has been under since learning of the affair months ago.

Tori Spelling
Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez

Dean McDermott checked himself into rehab shortly after his affair with Emily Goodhand was exposed. Tori Spelling hasn't had much contact with her husband since he left. There have been phone calls and the first face-to-face visit was done on “True Tori." There is still a lot of work left to do if their marriage is going to survive.

Tori Spelling spoke out about her sex life with Dean McDermott. She felt like it was good while he was less than satisfied. It appears that once they began having children, their romantic life changed. When he told Spelling how he felt, it appeared she was completely crushed. Fans speculate that this may have been part of the reason she was hospitalized last week. When Spelling was released from the hospital, McDermott was by her side. It is being reported that he was there with her daily while she was undergoing care.

The next episode of “True Tori” airs April 29 on Lifetime. There is going to be a lot of obstacles both Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott will have to overcome in order to get their marriage back on track. With Spelling's health being compromised, there is no telling what the next steps will be. No official word has been given about why Spelling was in the hospital, but fans wish her health and happiness and she embarks on a tough journey ahead.

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