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‘True Tori’: Dean McDermott’s friend Wolf Amer accused of spousal abuse

Tori Spelling
Tori Spelling
Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott have been dealing with the aftermath of his cheating for weeks on “True Tori.” Radar Online reports on Thursday that they may be facing more criticism from the public because of McDermott’s friend Wolf Amer. He has been accused of spousal abuse, but he has also been considered a mentor for McDermott.

Amer, who is also known as “Wolfie,” was once arrested for abuse and later admitted it. However, on “True Tori,” his past is not mentioned while he is portrayed as a guiding mentor for McDermott. Spelling and McDermott have been struggling to keep their marriage together, and Amer has been helping them on the show.

The accusations of abuse came from Amer’s ex-wife Jeanene, and she claimed he had more than one instance of violence during their marriage. Jeanene has not appeared on “True Tori,” so viewers may only be familiar with Amer’s current wife Jessica. The reality show makes their marriage appear perfect on the surface as a comparison to the problems involving Spelling and McDermott.

Spelling’s official Twitter account has not posted any comments about the latest controversy involving Amer. Fans have pointed out that Amer’s issues date back to 2007, and he should not have to continue to answer questions about his past. However, other sources claim he is part of a reality show, so he should have been prepared for these issues to surface eventually.

Rumors continue to haunt Spelling and McDermott, and the latest versions claim that the couple cannot afford a divorce. Although the cheating scandal allegedly hurt Spelling on a deep level, she does not want to destroy the family’s current financial stability by going through a divorce with small children. The couple has tried to avoid the rumors as they focus on the reality program.