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True stories in Hiss and tell by feline behaviorist Pam Johnson-Bennett

If you haven't heard of or read 'Hiss and Tell'- True stories from the files of a cat shrink by Pam Johnson-Bennett

Even your cat will love this book.
Even your cat will love this book.
Gerardine Baugh
Enishi reading Hiss and Tell By Pam Johnson-Bennett
Gerardine Baugh & Enishi Baugh

Copyright @ Pam Johnson-Bennett, 1996/2001. This is a great book to get into the mind of your family cat. If you are stuck and wondering how to fix a problem with your favorite kitty, you may find the answer within these pages.

Pam calls herself, a Feline Behaviorist. Which means: Scientific study of everything felines do. *I just narrowed in on the kitties side of the definition for Animal Behaviorist *

Great line in 'Hiss and Tell.' Within the first pages, specifically, page ix {9} in the Preface; “…when we buy or adopt a cat, we assume that cat comes pre-trained.

This book has laughter, tears, and information on how to raise a happy cat. There are people who don’t take advice well, but can dish out insults to the very person who is trying to help. You will nod in agreement as you read. Turning pages you will find things you already knew about cats, and will be amazed and amused at some things you didn’t think of.

Pam answered the question, 'what was bothering Mambo King' in ‘The Cat Who Hated Sundays?”~ Page 78. The story was very entertaining and informative.

On page 87- I love the advice that Pam gave a cat owner whose older cat died and her surviving cat was mourning; “…Cats are like sponges; they absorb whatever we’re feeling.”

Sixteen short stories, where Pam Johnson-Bennett, helped bring felines and their owners onto the same page. She was able to decipher feline behavior and help families understand the language of their furry family feline members.

Dare you to read the chapter, “The Angel With Whiskers” without crying.

The pictures were reminding Liz of how much joy and love that little cat had brought to Nikki’s life. She remembered how Angel barely left Nikki’s side the night before she died. Liz couldn’t get her daughter or the cat to eat that night and the only time she’d seen Angel leave Nikki’s room was to use the litter box.” ~ Page 21

The third story, “The Paper Caper” had me in stitches.

“Penelope had grabbed the end of a roll (toilet paper) and charged throughout the house. She apparently enjoyed this experience so much that she repeated it with every roll.”~ Page 25

Pam Johnson-Bennett shows us how to relate to all living creatures. She teaches us how stillness prevails in the face of fear and anxiety. And how, what we see as an impossibility she shows us its possibilities within a confusing situation.

I would recommend this book to every cat owner.

Pam has a show on Animal Planet-Psycho Kitty. Check your local listings for times and channel.

Pam Johnson-Bennett’s website

Interested in a career as an Animal Behaviorist

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