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True Metaphysical Confessions: I went to the dark side!

Dear Readers, today I have a confession to make, along with my back-to-basics plan of action for the future, and some words of wisdom from my Guide, Selena.

First, the confession:

Several months ago, someone did not live up to an agreement they made with me. This really bothered me and for whatever reason, I clung to it and I let it fester. Before I knew it, it was all I could think about and talk about and I was spewing negative energy daily because of it. About two weeks ago, my very dear friend Diane Diaz said some words that were difficult to hear, and probably difficult for her to say, but I will be forever grateful for them. She said, "Why don't you go back and read your own books and then let this go? It's not healthy to dwell on this." Well! That was a metaphysical slap on the face and thankfully, she snapped me out of it. Diane was 100% right--I was clinging to something quite negative and I don't really know why I allowed myself to do it.

After Diane gave me that talking to, I made a conscious decision to let this situation go and I DID let it go. More than that, I even started being nice as pie to the person whom I feel wronged me (Relationship Villain!), and you know what? I feel much lighter and much happier for having done so. I was letting the situation take me to a dark place and believe me; nothing is worth compromising our light for. So, if you happen to be in a similar situation, remember Diane's words and LET IT GO. Not always so easy to do, but definitely worth doing for the benefit of our souls and our personal spiritual growth. Looking back now, I can see a relationship villain and a great big window of opportunity for growth. my plan of action: The dark experience I described above has reminded me how important it is to get back to basics with regard to generating positive energy on a daily basis. One of the easiest and most effective ways to do this is to find something nice to say to someone at home, at work, or even at the grocery store. This action only takes a few seconds of our time and oh what an impact those few words will have on that person and everyone they come into contact with that day. It works this way because we're all connected—it’s like a trickle-down effect or the butterfly effect. So let's send out a little positive energy to those around us today and every day—it will raise our vibrations and the vibrations of those around us.

And here’s Selena with some words of wisdom on this very subject:

Sherri it is Selena and I will write with you today. Our message for today is this: Energy comes in two forms, it is positive and it is negative. Negative energy does nothing to help us move forward; while even a tiny bit of positive energy goes a long way towards raising vibrations and allowing you and those around you to experience a much better day. Positive energy is like a flame and people are drawn to your positive energy output like moths to a flame. Be a flame and exude positive energy today, and watch and see the reactions of those around you. You will help yourself and others at the same time.

The point I want to make today is that it’s easy for any one of us to get caught up in negative situations, but we have the power within us to pull ourselves out of it, and a great way to get started is through forgiveness, and then sprinkling some positive energy on the situation. Again—not easy—but very much worth it. Namaste.

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