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True identity of dog discovered in forest has been determined

Screen shot via ABC News 10

According to Saturday's ABC News 10, the true identity of the golden retriever who was discovered earlier this month near a campground in the Tahoe National Forest, has been determined.

Nathan and Erin Braun, guardians of a five-year-old golden retriever named "Murphy," had hoped to complete a DNA test on the dog who was found not far from a campground near French Meadows Reservoir - they believed that the dog was their own dog, who had disappeared nearly two years ago, but they were not absolutely certain.

Completing the DNA test turned out to be impossible, but the Braun's veterinarian reminded them that their dog would have a distinctive scar on her right elbow...the family shaved the dog's fur away and sure enough, a faint scar matching Murphy's scar, was discovered.

The scar confirmed what Erin Braun has known all along...the thin dog who was found in the forest this month was their own dog who had been lost for an astounding 20 months. Braun told ABC News 10:

"It's just an unbelievable story and we're still in shock."

Murphy's miraculous homecoming was aided by camp host Jason Smith, who laid out personal items from the family at the campground. On the very first night, the roaming dog was found resting her head on the items. It took awhile to finally capture her, but eventually, Smith was successful.

Even if the dog discovered this month had not turned out to be Murphy, the family had made up their mind that she would have a permanent place in their family anyway.

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