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True Herban Clothing brings a sense of purpose to fashion

True Herban Clothing
True Herban Clothing

In a world where "going green" has become an increasingly popular cause, some have realized that recycling pop cans and newspapers just isn't enough.

Enter the entrepreneurial-minded Eric Acevedo and Salim Rowe. They're two friends with aspirations to make a difference while doing what they love - being creative. They dreamt up a concept of a company whose value propositions were unparalleled in the current market. So, with a passion for a green lifestyle, American-made products and the determination to launch a new company from scratch, True Herban Clothing was born.

This unique Chicago-based company prides itself on creating sustainable clothing using organic cotton, hemp and bamboo fabrics - all of which are grown, sewn and manufactured in America. Their goal? To bring fashion, sustainability and social responsibility together into one natural experience.

Founders Eric and Salim are committed to creating a community of people and products that raise awareness for the three elements of the True Herban mantra: the notion of living a green-friendly lifestyle, creating products that are made in America, and doing it all with a social purpose. As social entrepreneurs, this community will initiate social and environmentally responsible programs to grow and support these core values.

In fact, True Herban Clothing partners with talented artists from around the U.S. to concept together and develop designs while local suppliers and retailers help with printing. Eric explains, "we are all about collaborating and creating together with artists and organizations."

In launching this company, there are three major problems that True Herban Clothing would like to help solve. The first being the harmful effect that conventional cotton production has on farmers and the environment. To paint a more detailed picture of the problem, Eric states, "25% of the worlds pesticides and insecticides are used on the production of conventional cotton." Because of this, each piece of True Herban clothing starts with a premium cut, super soft organic cotton t-shirt printed locally in Chicago, IL. Each shirt is printed using eco-friendly water-based inks that are much less toxic than typical inks to reduce its harmful footprint as much as possible.

And of course the packaging supports the main goal of the company. Shipping boxes are made of 100% recycled material and can be reused as a folding board. Each package comes wrapped in 6 feet of natural organic hemp twine and contains two wooden clothespins to hang dry your shirts.

In addition, the cause that True Herban Clothing supports is econimically conscious. The brand realizes the shortage of American-made products and the number of U.S jobs lost from foreign production. With that, they've addressed the lack of awareness regarding the benefits of sustainable clothing and availability of American made garments. They believe that if every American were to spend 1% more, or $0.18 a day on products made in America, it would create 200,000 American jobs a year.

Eric and Salim saw the need for a clothing company whose core mission is to be environmentally, socially and proactively responsible in the production, sale and promotion of its goods. And so they introduce to us the launch of this premier line of clothing with True Herban. With passionate tshirts that read "Go Green or Go Home," it's no wonder they've come so far already.

What's more? You can even purchase a cup of soup for the hungry or donate an organic cotton plant via their website. Add it to your cart and they'll do the rest. What's more green than that?

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