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'True Detective' season finale crashes 'HBO Go'

The 'True Detective' season finale on Sunday night left some fans unable to watch the popular HBO detective show because HBO's streaming service, “HBO Go” crashed, according to a March 10 report in the New York Daily News.

In place of watching “True Detective” stars Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson uncover grisly murders in a metaphor of decay, disappointed viewers were left staring at a frozen “HBO Go” loading indicator. Some disappointed fans tweeted their frustration like this “True Detective” fan.

“HBO Go” acknowledged on Monday morning that excessive traffic created connection issues that prevented some viewers from watching the streaming of “True Detective”.

Viewers who watched the “True Detective” finale on television had no problems and got to see lots of thrilling action in a more or less complete wrap up of the seven previous episodes.

Even though “True Detective” has only aired for eight weeks, its sharp writing, excellent acting and and social media buzz have combined to make “True Detective” into a hit show.

For those who haven't seen “True Detective” yet, this show uses multiple timelines (in essence, flashbacks) to follow the efforts of two Louisiana homicide detectives in their hunt for a serial killer.

“HBO Go” is a free app that streams service from HBO so you can enjoy your favorite HBO shows, movies, sports and more over your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. To use “HBO Go” an HBO subscription is necessary.

“HBO Go” is rated 17+ for violence, gambling, horror themes, mature themes, profanity, crude humor, sexual content, nudity and references to drug, alcohol and tobacco use. This free app requires iOS 5.0+ and is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch and is optimized for iPhone 5.

If you are one of the disappointed fans that missed out on the “True Detective” finale because “HBO Go” crashed and are wondering what happened to Marty and Rust then read on.


  1. Detective Cohle and Detective Hart discover that their superiors are conspiring to conceal the killings.

  2. Cohle and Hart locate Errol the Killer and mortally wound him, and suffer wounds themselves, after a chase through a labyrinth of catacombs filled with hidden bodies.

  3. The Tuttle family is off the hook and both detectives recover from their injuries.

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