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'True Detective' season 1 finale: Went out with a crash for millions on HBOGo

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True Detective” first season’s finale crashed HBOGo servers Sunday night, which is an indication of how popular this show has become. The Mathew McConaughey-Woody Harrelson show is like nothing else to come down the pike and people love it, so much so that the masses ended up shutting down HBOGo as the show started, according to MSN on March 10.

This murder mystery set in the south has Harrelson and McConaughey at their best. Twitter was alive with jokes over the fact the servers couldn’t support the masses that turned to HBOGo to get their “True Detective” fix.

HBO took to Twitter to tell their audience what happened and the service was eventually back up and running. This didn't stop folks from giving HBO a Twitter full of “We told you so” as they waited.

Dan Amira @DanAmira wrote: “everyone in America sharing one dude's HBOGO log-in finally backfired.”

Mike Lawrence @TheMikeLawrence wrote: “HBOGo crashed. That's what happens when 3 million people log in with the same password at the same time”

Apparently the folks waiting to watch “True Detective” assumed that the one shared password might have been the culprit? As usual, the episode was captivating and worth turning to HBO On-Demand if you missed it Sunday night.