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True cross found?

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In Sinop, Turkey, during August 2013, archeologist discovered a small box while excavating a 7th century church.

The box contained an unusual object, a piece of wood. Some believe this wood may be from the cross on which Jesus was crucified.

According to the ancient historical record, pieces of the original, true cross were unearthed in 326 AD in Jerusalem by Emperor Constantine the Great’s mother, Helena.

Helena was a devout Christian convert. She decided to travel to the Holy land to look for Holy sites and relics. One of the places she is said to have discovered is the place where Jesus was crucified, Golgotha.

During excavations she found wood she believed to be from the cross from the crucifiction of Jesus. She brought this wood, along with other discoveries, to Constantinople.

It is said pieces of the cross were divided up and given to the local churches. Constantinople is now Istanbul, Turkey, which is about 430 miles from the recent discovery.