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True colors of the NBA

Donald Sterling, owner of the NBA basketball team, LA Clippers, was recorded expressing how he feels about people of many colors who both attend his games and who play for his team. He unfortunately commented about religion, as well as race. Players for the LA Clippers have showed unity as a team by taking off their practice clothes prior to tip-off, trying to not wear their team logo. It is very sad when these players are being held by contracts which obligate them to play for their team. Though, it is not public knowledge what are the exact details of their contract, the team's hard work to get to the playoffs, is greatly overshadowed by the incessant, cruel ramblings of a person who obviously forgot what America and the NBA, are all about.

America is the melting pot. Our national sport leagues represent the rainbow of beautiful children who worked hard and dedicated their lives to one of America's past times, so that when they grew older, they would continue to play that sport which feeds their soul. The NBA is filled with many colors, the LA Clippers and the Washington Wizards wear red, white and blue, like many teams. The LA Lakers wear purple and gold, like the Golden State Warriors. Here, in Denver, we have worn many colors, including a rainbow, representing the Denver Nuggets.

The only colors that should be talked about, are the ones on the NBA uniforms. There should be no talk, anymore, of the color of one's skin. Let's have the world that we are supposed to have, teach our children the colors in a crayon box, where we are all brothers and sisters in life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. A world of happiness where we dictate the colors by designing a new uniform. As many of us rejoiced today in hearing the news from the NBA Commissioner Adam Silver, stating the lifetime ban of Sterling to anything having to do with the NBA, we remembered how we are here together and united. To love one another, is the most beautiful color of all.

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