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'True Bood' spoilers for the first three episodes of final season

With the final season of "True Blood" nearing fans want information and spoilers coming up for the new season. We know at this time that there will be only ten episodes and that this season will focus on the human and vampire relationships and if they can really live in one world.

'True Bood' spoilers for the first three episodes of  final season
Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images

HBO has said that this season they are going to concentrate on the main characters and not have so many side stories so that they can tie together everyone and focus on relationships more.

In the first episode it has been confirmed that Sookie, Bill, Sam, Jason, Tara, Andy, Willa, Holly, Lafayette, Adilyn, Lettie Mae, Arlene, Jessica, Alcide, Eric, and Pam will return in the "Jesus is Gonna Be Here" episode. Newer characters, Violet, who was attached to Jason and James who is attached to Jessica will also appear in this episode. Det. Kenya Jones will return this season. New characters, Belinda who is a new waitress, a character named Matt, Lou a new character who is part of the anti-vampire vigilante group, Reverend Skinner and a tough Persian vampire named, Nizar. The episode will be directed by Stephen Moyer.

The second episode focuses on the anti-vampire vigilante groups and the political issues surrounding the new issues for both vampires and humans and the virus.

And in the third episode you will meet Pam’s new girlfriend.

So, what other spoilers do you know of for the show? Please comment below.

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