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'True Blood' to return for final season on June 22

The seventh and final season of HBO's supernatural drama, "True Blood" is set to return on June 22. The final season is said to have only ten episodes like last season but shorter than the previous five seasons that consisted of twelve episodes.

'True Blood' to return for final season on June 22
Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

This season fans are going to meet Eric, Pam, Bill, and Arlene's new loves as well as follow up on new partners, Sookie and Alcide. But, love isn't the only focus of this season.

Villains and revenge seem to be a huge theme for the final season of "True Blood". If fans remember last season, the villain was the Governor and his wife Sarah Newlin who was poisoning the vampires of Louisiana with Hep-V by using the Japanese synthetic blood, Tru Blood.

Well, it seems like this story will continue, not just with the zombie like infected vampires but with the new Big Bad known as Mr. Gus. There isn't much information about Mr. Gus except that he is a Japanese business man who owns the factories that had made True Blood and who the Governor tricked into distributing the Hep V infected Tru Blood around the world. He has been described as a J. R. Ewing of the Tru Blood business including the big cowboy hat.

If one looks at last season, fans should remember Ms. Suzuki who came to investigate the situation at the Tru Blood factory? Well, she met her demise when Sarah Newlin took the heel of her shoe through Ms. Suzuki's head. Is there a strong connection between Ms. Suzuki and Mr Gus?

We know that Sarah snuck away like a coward and we know that she will make her final appearance in this season but will this be how her and the new villain be tied together? Plus someone has to find a cure for this Hep V, zombie type infection.

We know that Sarah will be returning as well her rich parents. But, really couldn't we do without her?

The next villain that has been leaked is someone who is described as " The Figure" and has been describes as Jason Voorhees or Leatherface type character. Basically a secretive "monster" but it wasn't confirmed if he was good or bad. He can talk so maybe he just looks mean and is really good.

As seen above "True Blood" will be focusing on more than just love this season but also a little revenge as well.

"True Blood" will return for its final season on June 22 at 9:00 EST.

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