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'True Blood' stars goodbye: Emotional goodbye for cast as it comes to an end

Anna Paquin
Photo by Michael Buckner/Getty Images

It is time for the final season of "True Blood" to start. Fans are sad to see it go but the cast is also having trouble letting go of this show. On Sunday, People shared how emotional this has been for the cast. Anna Paquin wasn't afraid to admit that she is really emotional about the show coming to an end.

"True Blood" is not quite done shooting but they have already read through the final script. She shared that several of them including herself got emotional while reading through this script. At this time, they are still working hard and shooting for 15 hours a day. That means that they don't have to leave their work family just yet, but this is the final season and shooting should be done pretty soon.

Carrie Preston wasn't afraid to admit that the second that she saw Anna Paquin crying then it made her start doing it as well. She wasn't afraid to admit that they ended up with the ugly cry. Carrie even compared it to the crying of a 12-year-old girl. At least it is obvious that they love their job and are going to miss everyone. Joe Manganeillo is still not admitting to crying though.

Hollywood Reporter shared a bit about the big season seven premiere that will air tonight. There will be a six month time jump going into this final season. Sam Merlotte is now the mayor of town. The humans are not happy with the way that things are going right now and they are looking for a solution. Snooki is in a good relationship and even though the last season ended with Eric in the sunlight his character will be back for this final season.

Don't miss "True Blood" season seven on Sunday nights. It will air each week on HBO. It will be emotional for the cast to watch this all come to an end.

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