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'True Blood' spoilers: Season 7 premiere has chaos galore as H-vamps attack

Bill and Sookie are back for season 7 of 'True Blood'
Photo by Michael Buckner/Getty Images

The “True Blood” season 7 premiere airs Sunday night and viewers can't wait to sink their teeth into this final season. What can fans expect to see go down in episode 7x01? On Sunday TVLine shared a few “True Blood” spoilers about just what lies ahead in “Jesus Gonna Be Here.”

Fans know that the beginning of this season is all about the big party taking place at Bellefleur's for the humans and the vampires, but naturally there's a group of nasty H-vamps looking to make waves. The official synopsis notes that things get gruesome and many point fingers at one particular Bon Temps resident. It seems that Bill will utilize an “unlikely ally” in his big vigilante showdown. Other teasers for this episode would seemingly indicate that Sookie is the resident being blamed, while Sam is the ally for Bill.

In addition, Pam is looking for answers to a Moroccan mystery while Jessica is trying to pay her dues for past issues. TV Guide adds a few additional “True Blood” spoilers. Sunday's season 7 premiere picks up just a few moments after where season 6 ended as the “One Vampire-One Human” party gets started. As viewers would most certainly expect, not everybody will make it through the party in one piece.

The fan site True-Blood added some additional episode 7x01 spoilers to the mix. There will be a couple of flashbacks, including one with a younger Sookie and Tara sharing a “nice moment” with one another. Another flashback will show Bill and Caroline's daughter Sara at the age of 5.

Various “True Blood” spoiler sneak peeks give a lot of hints about how wild “Jesus Gonna Be Here” gets. There will be significant blood shed as the H-vamps attack the party. Bill and Sam have a plan to keep everybody safe, though. They propose that every vampire take their human match home to protect them. This surely won't go over well with everybody. Jessica is keeping watch at Andy Bellefleur's place as she struggles to make things right after killing Andy's faerie daughters. Adilyn opens up to her, though they both remain wary and anxious about the other.

Though Sookie is being blamed by many for the chaos in Bon Temps, she does stand up for herself. She says she loves the town and while she did play a part in all that's gone down, she wants to help. Sookie adds that they can't go back to how things were, but people are now fighting for their lives and she knows vampires better than anyone.

Who will die in Sunday's season 7 premiere? It is clear that this episode will set the stage for a wild final season of the show, and fans can't wait to get started. The “Jesus Gonna Be Here” episode of “True Blood” airs Sunday on HBO.

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