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‘True Blood’: Sookie and Bill happily ever after, at last

[SPOILERS] Sookie and Bill. That is what “True Blood” has come down to in season seven, episode nine, “Love is to Die”. It is only fitting since it began with Sookie (Anna Paquin) and Bill (Stephen Moyer) in season one, episode one. Bill is willing to die in order for Sookie to live. Sookie doesn’t want to live without Bill.

Left: Stephen Moyer and his wife Anna Paquin
Left: Stephen Moyer and his wife Anna Paquin
Photo by Michael Buckner/Getty Images

In “Love is to Die,” Bill is still the southern gentleman to the end. He asked Sookie’s permission to call upon her before visiting. The final cut away scene held much promise as Bill hesitated before knocking on Sookie’s front door. Inside her home, Sookie awaited him, waiting to hear his reason for choosing death.

Maybe, just maybe, all isn’t as it appears to be. Could it be that Sookie may get her wish? Perhaps something magical may happen? Maybe Sookie’s fairy blood is killing the vampirism in Bill, only to leave his humanity in its place? Is there a possibility Bill will die as a vampire, but survive as a human?

Then, Sookie and Bill could live happily ever after and have children. This would explain the fever dream Bill had of Sookie cradling a mysterious baby. Maybe Sookie has given Bill life through the light within her fairy blood, which may be more powerful than the darkness of his vampire blood? Love is potent.

Bill deserves a second chance at life. He was a vampire who never wanted to be a vampire in the first place. A vampire who struggled so hard to maintain his male humanity against primal urges. Sookie deserves true love after seeking it everywhere. She has always been there for Bill, no matter who or what was in the way. Sookie and Bill. Anna and Stephen. Happily ever after, at last.

This is the fairytale ending of "True Blood” fans should be rooting to happen. A "Twilight" ending. Why not? Stranger things have happened in television land.

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C. C. J. Vann is a writer, columnist and speculative fiction enthusiast. Her blog is “C. C. J. Vann”, ( You may contact her at info[at]ccjvann[dot]com.

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