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'True Blood' season six DVD available for pre-order now

'True Blood' season six DVD available for pre-order now
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"True Blood" season six DVD available for pre-order now via The release date is set for June 3, nineteen days before the final season of "True Blood" premieres.

"True Blood" season six brought together the vampires and some of their sympathetic humans into the Governor's factory of "True Blood" after many of the vampires were arrested for breaking curfew, drinking from humans, etc. It also brought Sookie more in touch with her fairy side as well Warlow and her grandfather and away from Eric and Bill and the other vampires.

There were deaths such as Luna, Terry, Warlow, and Gov. Burrell as well as new loves for Sam, Jason, Sookie, and Alcide.

The fifth season was almost as disliked as the second season, but many fans feel that season six changed the direction and really pulled the series back to its focal point. It showed much of Sookie's back story and disconnected her from the vampires leaving her in the end with Alcide the werewolf. This ending of the season shocked, awed, pleased, and disappointed fans.

But, the Hep-V infested vampires was invading Bon Temps when we left, specifically what used to be known as Merlotte's. Fans were left asking what is going on with the infected vampires. Since there is no more Tru Blood then will humans become volunteer donors? Will Sookie stay with Alcide? And is Eric really dead?

Season six is available on as a DVD for $34.96 and Blu-Ray for $39.96 on June 3.

"True Blood" season seven is set to air on June 22. This will be the final season for the HBO supernatural show.

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