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'True Blood' season 7 trailer: There is no one left

Anna Paquin stars in "True Blood"
Photo by Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images

A trailer for "True Blood" season 7 has finally been released and vampire fans are flocking to get a glimpse of what to expect when the show returns to HBO. On April 20, the trailer was uploaded to YouTube and it looks like the final season is going to be a good one. Fans have been warned that some of their favorite characters could die, but how many deaths will there be? In the clip, Sookie Stackhouse says that there is no one left, which sounds like the final season could be a heartbreaking one.

In addition to character deaths, the final season will introduce new villains, including a Japanese businessman named Mr. Gus. Another villain will be also be introduced, named The Figure, who is described as being like Jason Voorhees or Leatherface, except that he can talk. The Figure will make his debut on the season 7 premiere of "True Blood."

International Business Times wrote that viewers will learn more about the vampires that are afflicted with Hepatitis V. Showrunner Brian Buckner said that Hepatitis V will cause the vampires to be weaker and they will require larger quantities of blood. Not only that, but they will also need more frequent feedings. Even though it is being said that the upcoming season will have a "Walking Dead" vibe, Buckner has made it clear that these vampires are not zombies. He explained that they are more organized and have not lost their mental capacity.

The "True Blood" season 7 trailer shows an attack at a church and sick vampires. Sookie's voice is heard on the clip and it turns out that even though people need help, the government has turned their back on them. She also says that there is nobody left. Could Bon Temps be completely wiped out by the end of the season?

In the clip, Jason, Lafayette, Alcide, Bill, Tara, Jessica, Sam and others are seen. IBT pondered whether they would all be on the same side. However, one character was not seen in the trailer and that is Eric. On the season finale, he was sitting on top of a snowy mountain and believed that he could walk in the sunlight. However, the death of Warlow ends that capability and Eric was completely unaware of that fact.

HBO's "True Blood" season 7 will premiere on June 22. What do you think is going to happen with the characters? Do you think that Sookie is being literal when she says that there is no one left? Will the show end with the deaths of everyone?

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