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'True Blood' season 7 spoilers reveal a return and Arlene's new man

Riley Smith has been cast as a new love interest for Arlene.
Photo by John Shearer/Getty Images

"True Blood" is getting ready for its final season on HBO. On March 1, Wetpaint Entertainment shared new spoilers for season seven. The spoilers include the latest casting news for the series. A new man has been cast, and he is a love interest for Arlene.

Who has been cast in this role? Riley Smith is going to play a drummer in James' band named Keith. He was last season on "90210" as the love interest of Annie during the final season of that series. His character died before the end of the season, and Annie ended up with Liam during the final episode.

On "True Blood" season six, Arlene watched her husband die in her arms, and she was devastated. Keith will be smitten with Arlene on first sight, but it isn't clear if she will return the attraction.

As for the series, Anna Camp will return to the series for season seven as well. Sarah Newlin played a big role in the drama last season. She will be back this season, and the site revealed that fans will meet her 'gothed-out' sister.

What do you think? Are you ready for the final season of this HBO drama? "True Blood" will return to HBO this summer.

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