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'True Blood' season 7 spoilers: All hands on deck for the final season

Actor Alexander Skarsgård attends the premiere of HBO's 'True Blood' at ArcLight Cinemas Cinerama Dome on June 11, 2013 in Hollywood, California.
Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images

The final season of HBO's "True Blood" is upon us and from the rumors going around, it's going to be a wild ride. Producers have already said they are pulling out all the stops to end the hit series in the most epic way. According to Buddy TV on Thursday, this final season of "True Blood" will be full of surprises that should thrill fans of the hit supernatural series.

There are tons of "True Blood" spoilers for the much talked about season and many will be reported here. Please be warned, if you don't want to continue reading spoilers for season 7 of "True Blood" then quit reading now.

Death for a favorite character

For starters, many sources are reporting that one of the biggest characters will die within minutes of the season 7 premiere. It's unclear who this main character will be but we know it's not Bill, Sookie or Alcide since there are other spoilers released about them. It also can't be Eric who is gone but not dead. He is supposed to return in episode two.

What we do know is that the premiere episode picks up right where season 6 left off. The Hep-V vampires are invading Bon Temps and the residents will need to band together if they hope to stop the slaughter. There will be some very awkward alliances made in order to battle the rogue vampires.

An in-depth backstory for Tara

Don't forget that Tara is a vampire now. In season 6 we were left in a cliffhanger as far as the health of the baby vamp though. We'll find out in season 7 that Tara did not contract Hep-V and will spend much of season 7 trying to protect her mother Lettie Mae (Adina Porter) from the mayhem in Bon Temps. It has also been reported that fans will see in-depth flashbacks from Tara that will help fans to understand her very hard childhood.

Eric Northman returns

Eric Northman will be back and it's been said that his entrance happens in episode two. Don't forget that when season 6 left off. Alexander Skarsgard himself explained how Eric was able to survive when the sun came up on him. “He’s surrounded by a lot of wet snow. That might give you a hint. The environment of northern Sweden helps him quite a bit.” That said, we've been told that Eric does not come back in full health and it's up to Pam to nurse him back to health.

Sookie, Bill and Alcide

When season 7 starts back up, Sookie and Alcide are still a hot item but she still obviously has feelings for Bill. Producers promised this final season would be "back to basics" and that also means back to the Bill and Sookie romance. The only problem there is Alcide. Reports are saying that isn't a problem for the supernatural though and "True Blood" fans can expect an Alcide-Sookie-Bill love triangle. Will Sookie have to choose vampire or werewolf? Or will she be able to juggle both?

Speaking of Sookie, promotional materials released by HBO for season 7 of "True Blood" feature Sookie Stackhouse crying tears of blood. We all know that vampires cry blood so it can be assumed that at some point, Sookie will be come a vampire.

Given the huge amount of spoilers already leaked about the final season of "True Blood," fans can expect a nail-biting season. Imagine the story lines and details that haven't been made public. Everyone involved in the final season of one of HBO's most successful series' are making sure the show ends in the most epic way possible. Tune in on Sunday, June 22 at 9 p.m. for the premiere of "True Blood" season seven.

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