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'True Blood' season 7: Ryan Kwanten teases major deaths to come

Ryan Kwanten teases new spoilers for season 7 of True Blood.
Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

"True Blood" is getting ready for a huge final season, and fans are now being teased about the events to come during season seven by a member of the cast. On March 4, True Blood Online shared the latest comments made by Ryan Kwanten. He stars as Jason Stackhouse on the HBO series.

This series is pulling out all the stops for the final season. "True Blood" has not shied away from killing major characters in the past, and fans should expect to see some major character deaths during the season ahead. Kwanten teased the following in an interview, according to True Blood Online:

People are going to be dying. Some of your favorites are going to be not lasting the season, unfortunately.

Fans thought they had lost one series favorite at the end of season six when Eric Northman was shown naked on a mountain top when his ability to withstand the sunlight wore off during daylight hours. He will return to the series for season seven though. However, Eric Northman could be one of the characters to see the true death before the final credits role.

What do you think? Who will die next on this HBO series? "True Blood" will return to HBO this summer.

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