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'True Blood' season 7 premiere recap: Death, blood and H-vamps

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HBO, used with permission

The Sunday, June 22 season 7 premiere of "True Blood," "Jesus Gonna Be Here," sees Bon Temps attacked by a group of H-vamps. Meanwhile, Sookie faces hearing what everyone thinks about her, and Pam's busy off searching for Eric.

Within the first five minutes of this season of "True Blood," Tara is killed (but is she really dead?!), so you have a pretty good idea how crazy things are going to get. She's not the only one. H-vamps attack Bon Temps, take members of the town, including Holly, Arlene and Nicole, and basically terrorize everyone, and that's the least of their problems. Characters who don't want to work together have to partner up to survive and hopefully find loved ones.

Ready to get into what happened in "Jesus Gonna Be Here"? Read on for the recap.

Where's Eric? The big question going into the season is what happened to Eric, and that's what Pam's hoping to find out – no matter what the cost. That means playing Russian Roulette in Morocco against someone who has survived 27 times before their game, but this is Pam, so of course 29 is the vampire's unlucky number. At Pam's next stop, she may look like she needed blood weeks ago, but she just takes the information, not the child blood offered. She says that "he would never," but the man insists the information is accurate.

Standing by what she said When Andy leaves to go help the town, Jessica is right there on his porch to stay behind and protect Adilyn, even when Andy tells her cruelly that Tara is dead and reiterates that his daughter is not to invite her in. She too looks like she could use some blood ASAP. Jessica and Adilyn do get to girl-talking about the boys in their lives, but that's interrupted when an H-vamp shows up and wants to feed. Jessica stands her ground, refusing to let him by, and convinces Adilyn to drink her blood so she can always find her, but in the end, Adilyn invites her in even as she tells her not to. Jessica's able to fight the urge to drink from her, so at least Andy won't lose her too.

Taking a break for some dirty fun Jason and Violet head out together to try to track down the H-vamps, but after a run-in with Vince and his group of vampire-haters leaves Jason feeling a little less than manly, the two get into a heated argument, and Jason has had enough of them not having sex. It turns out that Violet just wanted him to take charge, because they go at it on the side of the road on top of the police car.

Sometimes you need the ones you hate Andy and Bill are paired up to try to track down the H-vamps, and they do find the nest and the bodies left behind, but the vamps are gone. Unfortunately, Vince and his group show up, and they want Bill dead. Andy asks to be the one to do it himself since they have history, but he instead turns the gun on them and kicks them out. He does make sure to let Bill know that he only saved him because he needs him to find Holly.

Meanwhile, Sookie hears everyone blaming her in their thoughts, including Alcide, and decides to walk home alone despite the H-vamps out there. Oh, and she throws her phone away, so, really smart decisions all around for her. Sookie and Alcide fight once he gets home, and he argues that she can't judge him for something he thought. She knows he loves him, but it's her curse, to always know what people think of her. They make up later on, but she can't make up with the entire town. After Lettie Mae tells her to get out of the church, Sookie finally stand up and tells everyone that sure, she played a part, but she knows vampires the best and she wants to help.

"True Blood" season 7 airs Sundays at 9 p.m. on HBO. What did you think of the premiere "Jesus Gonna Be Here"?

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