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'True Blood' season 7: New spoilers tease Eric and Jason's racy scene

A steamy scene is for Eric and Jason is set for season 7 of True Blood.
Photo by Michael Buckner

Fans of "True Blood" have been teased about a scene between Eric Northman and Jason Stackhouse set for season seven. The two men will have an intimate scene early on during the upcoming season. On June 10, TV Line shared new spoilers for the scene. The episode that will feature the scene has been revealed.

Eric Northman will make his first appearance of season seven during episode two. IBTimes reported that the episode is named "I Found You." TV Line revealed that this scene will be "crazier than that time Bill climbed out of his grave and had sex with Sookie in the graveyard." The site went on to tease that the scene is "worth the wait" as well. Strings will accompany the scene apparently.

At the end of season six, Eric Northman was out in the open and naked when the protection of Bill's blood ran out. He will survive thanks to snow cover. It is not clear how he will return to Bon Temps, but he is still a regular cast member for season seven. Fans were worried that they had seen the last of Eric Northman with the predicament he found himself in during the season six finale.

Alexander Skarsgard is the actor behind Eric Northman, and he did talk about the filming of the scene. He revealed that the scene will be very "over the top." Ryan Kwanten has a sense of humor that had Skarsgard laughing during the filming of the scene, according to Enstarz.

Jason Stackhouse has been seen in a lot of intimate scenes since the start of the series. The first time fans saw the character he was naked. Fans will have to tune in to see what will happen between Eric and Jason during the episode. It isn't known how the two men will end up in the same place for such a scene to happen.

What do you think? Are you excited for the return of "True Blood" to HBO? "True Blood" will premiere season seven on June 22.

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