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'True Blood' season 7: New spoilers focus in on Bill Compton

Bill Compton has played a major role on "True Blood" since the very first episode, and that will remain true as the series comes to a close with season seven. On April 11, E! Online shared new spoilers for the final season, and fans should expect to learn more about Bill Compton before the series ends.

Compton, who is played by Stephen Moyer, has been both a hero and a villain on this HBO series. Season 7 will be about redemption, and this includes the redemption of Bill Compton as well. There are several characters that will need to redeem themselves before the final credits roll on this series. However, Bill Compton does have more than most to make up for. He started off things by Sookie's side, but he betrayed her time and time again. She has moved on, and she is now dating Alcide. A love triangle has been teased for this season.

The new spoilers for Bill Compton are not about his redemption though. They are about his past, and fans will learn more about his life before he became a vampire. Fans will also meet his parents, and they will see his wife give birth to one of his children. There is no explanation for another dive into the past of this vampire, but it will happen. For this new jump back into time, it should have an impact on his character and what happens before the show ends.

Fans now know that June 22 is the return date for this series. That information came from The Official True Blood Facebook page. The first preview for the new season does not contain any new footage, but it is a graveyard scene. The final tombstone shows the name of the series with a 2014 death date. The final tombstone show before this one is for Terry. He died during season six. That adds a nice touch to the preview.

What do you think? Are you ready for the return of this HBO series? Fans have been teased that this series plans to end with a huge bang.

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