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‘True Blood’ season 7 final spoilers; season 6 review in 'Farewell to Bon Temps'

Alexander Skarsgard is expected to be seen in True Blood final season
Photo by Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images

The final season of HBO's "True Blood" begins next week. Yet, before the blood is shed once again the network is airing "True Blood: A Farewell to Bon Temps” for fans to remember what happen in previous seasons. According to the New York Times on Sunday, the fans will get ready to say goodbye to the popular show before the season debuts with a behind-the-scenes look at season six as well as interviews from the cast and a teaser for season seven. Only minutes before the season finale of “Game of Thrones” on Sunday night, this show is going to be heavily watched by fans.

The final season is already promising to offer up bloodshed and plenty of intense scenes. According to Enstarz on Friday, there will be a jaw dropping death on the show and fans will be shocked to see how the series comes to an epic ending. Promising the “True Blood” premiere is so bloody, some fans might wonder if the sequence is a dream or if they actually saw an intense killing.

While the spoilers definitely offer details on what might be seen, the show has kept the biggest secrets away from the fans. So far few people know how the show might end and whether fans will see in epic ending. The only thing known for sure is the fans of “True Blood” are expected to see consolidated stories and the focus is expected to be brought back to the main cast.

In season seven of “True Blood” fans are aware that the show follows waitress Sookie Stackhouse (Anna Paquin). For the special, she is accompanied by the “True Blood” vampires Bill Compton (Stephen Moyer) and Eric Northman (Alexander Skarsgard) along with series creator Alan Ball.

The "True Blood: A Farewell to Bon Temps” kicks off tonight at 8:30 p.m. on HBO. “True Blood” returns for the final season on June 22, at 9 p.m. ET on HBO.

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