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'True Blood' season 7 episode 9 preview: Will Bill drink the cure?

"True Blood" season 4 continues next week with episode 9, "Love Is to Die," as the final season of HBO's drama winds down. On Sunday, Aug. 10, the network released a new preview teasing what to expect after Bill declared he didn't want Sarah's healing blood.

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HBO, via Facebook

First, let's recap of the highlights of the latest episode of "True Blood." Eric healed himself with a drink from Sarah, but the Yakuza's plan posed a problem for other infected vampires: to make Nu Blood as profitable as possible, it wouldn't be an instant cure. When Sookie learned Eric was cured and he told her to wait, she went to Fangtasia herself. Eric got her out of there alive by declaring her a fangbanger a and explaining her brother's the sheriff, but she had read the Yakuza boss' mind and went investigating to see what was in the basement. She found Sarah and after touching her, realized what she was, but later, when she, Bill, Jessica, Eric and Pam met in the basement, Bill refused to drink and said he didn't want the blood.

Meanwhile, Reverend Daniels joined Lafayette and Lettie Mae on their next V-induced journey and saw Tara's father's violent reaction to her mother throwing her a birthday party as a kid. Tara's father left them that day and Tara buried the gun, and after the Reverend unburied it, Tara apologized to her mother for not pulling the trigger. She wanted Lettie Mae to forgive herself and let her go, and with that, it looked like a final goodbye for Tara.

After Bridget and Hoyt fought about kids, she insisted on joining Jason as he went off to save Jessica, Adilyn and Wade from Violet, and he left her in the car. Violet caught Jason and tied him up with the others in her sex chamber of torture. Fortunately, she only detailed what she was going to do to them before Hoyt showed up and killed her. While Jessica took a moment to thank Hoyt, Bridget asked Jason about his relationship with the vampire, leading to the two getting honest and deciding what they had was a "beautiful friendship." The next day, Hoyt visited Jessica with a bag of his clean blood for Bill after hearing he was infected – and with the news that he planned to leave town in a couple of days.

In this next episode, Sookie retreats in confusion, and we can assume that's because of Bill's decision. Sam makes a choice. Jason exercises uncharacteristic restraint, presumably with Bridget since she's still in town. Meanwhile, Eric faces a dilemma after he is caught in a lie.

The "Love Is to Die" promo shows Sookie trying to get through to Bill to get him to drink from Sarah, but it seems like it doesn't work since she slaps him. "Death, that's what we are. That's all we can give her," Bill says, presumably to Eric? Speaking of Eric, with only two episodes left, it only makes sense that something's coming between Eric and Sookie. Watch the promo above to see more of what's coming up in the penultimate episode of the series.

"True Blood" season 7 airs Sundays at 9 p.m. on HBO. What do you think of the episode 9 "Love Is to Die" preview?

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