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'True Blood' season 7: Character deaths, new villains and Bill's past

Stephen Moyer plays Bill Compton on "True Blood"
Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

"True Blood" season 7 will not be airing for another few months, but there are already a few spoilers that have been released. On April 14, Epoch Times revealed some things that viewers can expect when the vampire series comes back to HBO. Some things that have been revealed are the deaths of favorite characters, new villains, Bill Compton's past will be revealed and there is some information on the vampires that have been afflicted with Hepatitis V.

Because "True Blood" is a show about vampires, it is only natural that people would die. However, there are certain characters that viewers have fallen in love with and to see them die would be heartbreaking. Unfortunately, there are going to be some loved characters that will not live to the end of season 7.

There are also going to be a few new villains when the show returns to HBO. TV Line posted details on one, who is being called "The Figure." He is described as being scary, ugly, mean and crafty. The website also wrote that the character will be similar to Leatherface or Jason Voohees, except that he will be able to talk. Fans can expect to see "The Figure" make his first appearance on the season premiere of "True Blood" season 7.

MStars News gave some information about another villain that will be appearing on the show. His name is Mr. Gus and he is a Japanese businessman who is thoroughly Americanized. The character gets back stabbed in a business deal and as a result, he will be looking for vengeance that is being described as "infinite." There is speculation that Mr. Gus is immortal, but fans will have to wait and see to find out if that is true.

Bill Compton's past will also be revealed, E! News reported. Viewers will go back to the year 1855 to meet his parents. There will also be a scene of Caroline giving birth sometime in the 1850s.

As for the Hepatitis V storyline, showrunner Brian Buckner said that the vampires inflicted with the virus are going to be weaker. They will require larger amounts of blood and will need to feed more often. As for the theory that those vampires were like zombies, Buckner shot that speculation down. He said that they are much more organized than zombies and have not lost their mental capacity.

"True Blood" season 7 will air on July 22. What are you looking forward to seeing the most on the show? Are you most interested in Bill Compton's past or are you dying to see what the writers will do with the Hepatitis V storyline?

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